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Chondra is a native of North Carolina with over 23 years of cosmetology experience specializing in the fields of wig creation, hairstyling, and make up artistry.  Upon her graduation from  Empire Beauty Schools Chondra started her journey of perfecting her love for cosmetology, leading to the creation of  Lux Glamorous Wigs and
Company.  A custom cranial prosthetic wig creation business whose mission  is "Empowering Souls and creating beauty within these walls with HIS grace and mercy."


Chondra Wilson, Owner
Cranial Prosthesis Wig Specialist

Custom Wig Creator
Master Stylist/MUA

Lux Glamorous Wigs & Company

"Empowering Souls and Creating Beauty Within These Walls With HIS Grace and Mercy"


Chondra is a native of North Carolina with over 23 years of cosmetology experience.  Upon the receipt of her Cosmetology license from Empire Beauty School, Chondra wasted no time in starting her journey as a licensed hairstylist and make up artist.  

Over her 23 plus years of cosmetology experience Chondra Wilson has worked in one of the top salons in the city allowing her the opportunity to master her craft and expand her creative skillsets within the field of cosmetology. Once Chondra became a master hairstylist, she expanded her knowledge and added makeup artistry to her list of mastered accomplishments. After mastering hairstyling and makeup artistry, Chondra gained major exposure as a stylist for more than sixteen editions of Hype Hair, Sophisticates Black Hair, and Universal Salon magazines. She has also been the go to hairstylist and make-up artist for numerous videos and photo shoots nationwide by some of the nations top gospel artists and local prominent professionals.

Chondra is always looking for ways to increase her knowledge and skillsets by enhancing the beauty of her clients through trendsetting styles, professionalism, expeditious deliverables, and the expansion of her business into custom wig design services. Lux Glamorous Wigs & Company, creates Cranial Prosthesis wigs (medical wigs) for patients who have lost their hair as a result of a medical condition or treatment.


After perfecting her wig making craft Chondra has now added the title Wigolist to her list of mastered accomplishments. Hand sewn with the assistance of only a sewing machine, she begin to receive amazing feedback about her quick turnaround time and the high quality texture of her custom wigs.  With growing support from the hair loss community and with the help of her mentor Patsy Gallian, Chondra transitioned Luxurous Glamorous Wigs & Co into a same day custom wig vendor and wig repair shop. 

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