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 Hello my name is Chondra Wilson owner and stylist for Lux Glamorous Wigs and Company. I am raising money for medical pre-made wigs and custom-made wigs.  I make wigs for clients/patients with medical issues, cancer, lupus, PTSD and Alopecia Areata.   Day in and day out I have had the absolute pleasure of boosting the self-esteem of my clients by making their hair GLAMOROUS!  You know the feeling of sitting in the stylist’s chair and getting up with a new hair-o and a new attitude.  From extensions for prom, half wigs for weddings, and full wigs for every day wear!  I love my job and my clients… but most of all, I love my new mission.  Over the past few years/months I have seen an increased flow of children, women, and men that seek my services out of need rather than luxury. 

This group doesn’t fit in the client category, rather they are my patients.  Patients suffering from a wide range of medically related hairloss causing alopecia illnesses.  Suffering from not only medical issues but low self-esteem due to hair loss that causes the scalp to peel and sometimes blister.  

My mission is to now have a storefront to have my custom wigs repair shop and wig vendor supplier location. I can provide medical wigs for the single mom struggling to make ends meet or the woman who lost her hair due to PTSD from Domestic Violence, but  I currently work out of a home salon but want to have a warm welcoming place where my patients can come.  I can produce a custom medical wig in 2 hours, also offer pickup and drop off service or overnight shipping.  I would love to start this program so that more people can benefit from my services.

These patients are my new passion.  Just seeing the relief on a parent’s face as their child smiles from ear to ear, because I was able to create a specialty wig and give them their hair back… PRICELESS!!  The confident look, when a woman that is battling Breast Cancer and has lost her hair due to chemotherapy, and she gets her new custom handmade wig placed on her head like a crown…INCREDIBLE!!  These are the moments that make my new mission/passion meaningful.  Making wigs for these patients require more time, knowledge of scalp care and materials, wig making skills, and superior supplies that cost more than your average lace front.  Normally, these patients are able to use some form of insurance to help deflect the cost, however, there are those patients that have maxed out their insurance or they just don’t have any insurance at all.  


The financial stress is a heavy burden.  It hurts my heart to see patients stress out over not being able to afford a wig, when they need to focus on getting better… healthier!  This is where you can help me turn disappointment and misery into a joyous miracle.  These angels need my time and skills… and I need your financial blessings to help fund this mission.  Let’s do this together and give hope to the children, women, and men that think there is no hope for their medically induced hairloss.
Much love and hope!
Exceptional Crowns Foundation…  “Glamous Gift Free Wigs”

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